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In the 1970s, Bercha became involved in risk analysis and often visited Beaufort operations (eg, P7901). Bercha risk analysis applications have been developed to improve public and personnel safety. Studies have been carried out to support computer modeling of emergency scenarios (eg P2406) Point Tupper Lateral QRA (P9807) was an example of a comprehensive assessment of risks to public, workers, environment, and project integrity.
Risk analysis studies in the USA included analysis of the Gaviota Sour Gas Processing Facility for the County of Santa Barbara (P9907). QRA of proposed natural gas pipeline route in an urban area, included defense of results at  regulatory hearing (P9915) Existing and proposed modifications to power plant QRA, focusing on acute risks to the public (P2003).
Generation of risk isopleths is often part of a risk analysis. Sample Individual Specific Risk Isopleths are shown here from P2008. A Concept Safety Evaluation of the conceptual design of the Alma development project was carried out for Sable Offshore Energy (P2103).
Pig traps at a compressor station. Risk assessment of a proposed interconnect pipeline was carried out for Shell (P2403). A review was carried out of risk and environmental impact assessments for proposed onshore and offshore oil and gas development in Trinidad and Tobago (P2404). A risk assessment was conducted in support of feasibility studies on construction of a pipeline crossing the Halifax Harbour (P2405). One option was a suspended crossing using the MacDonald Bridge.
Technology transfer via risk analysis safety courses has been facilitated for various clients over the years. One example is P9207, the 1992 course for Petronas, the national oil company of Malaysia.    

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