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Bercha worked on innovative solutions with Sprung Instant Structures. This large span membrane structure (P7503) is one example from the 1970s. Model of sportsplex  showing Bercha-designed roof for all-weather use (P7507) Profile view of sportsplex model (P7507)
Mobile Arctic Caisson in the Beaufort Sea; ice-structure interaction studies (P7909). Model of production caisson Monocone - SPM concept
Arctic Monocone conceptual designs for Dome Petroleum (P7715) Disconnectable Arctic production monocone Subsea habitat
Structure in ice SSDC Production loading GBS
Dr Bercha presented at IAHR in St Petersburg, 21-25 June 2004. Dr Bercha and Prof Marat at ISO Meeting in Paris (December 2003) ISO Beijing
Statfjord B construction site, Oslo, Norway (P8114) In the field, pipeline system optimization (P2504) Helicopter fly over (P2504)
Hibernia GBS construction in Bull Arm, Newfoundland Concept sketch: Arctic Production and Loading Basin (APLB) Conceptual design of the X10
From 1986 to 1996, Bercha conducted detailed ice engineering studies in support of the design and construction of the Confederation Bridge Three-dimensional detail of Confederation Bridge pier shaft and base (P9426). Bridge pier modeling (P9426)
Construction schematic (P9426)
Confederation Bridge shafts prior to placement (P9406) Piers during construction phase (P9406)
Construction phase, ice around pier (P9208). Bridge and ice during construction phase (P9208). Ice breakup on Confederation Bridge pier (P9208).
ce forces on the pier (P9315) Confederation Bridge pier ice shield (P9315). Tabular berg

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