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In 1980, Bercha diversified into remote sensing with the acquisition of this Gulfstream 1 aircraft  (P8009). The Gulfstream was equipped with a Motorola Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR). G1 at Tor Bay following iceberg patrol (1980)
Schematic of the Bercha airborne ice surveillance system
Into the tropics... Laser topographic mapping project for the World Bank in Indonesia in 1985 (P8502). Field visit to south Kalimantan where logging of iron wood was underway (P8502). Malaysia Joint Venture (1989) with Antah Group (Chair Tunku Naquiyuddin pictured).
The Falcon aircraft C-GRSD was the platform for the electro-optical facility during a number of projects carried out for the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. Scientific and technical support was provided for the definition of mission requirements for a satellite equipped with a Synthetic Aperture Radar (RADARSAT). The Falcon took part in projects such as R8408, R8305, R8115.  The real aperture radar was revitalized in a digital form in 1990 on a Metro II aircraft. The system, based out of Inuvik, provided 3 years of ice patrol service to Canadian Marine Drilling from 1990 to 1992. (P9002)
SAR ice image (R8301) Multi-year ice floe Katy's floeberg (SLAR image)
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Aerial ice surveillance image 1 Aerial ice surveillance image 2
Dual (opposite) look radar mosaic set reduced from original 1:250,000 scale. Area shown is 18,500 km2. This is North look. This is South look of same area in southeastern Nigeria. (Project P8318) Forest Information and Reconnaissance System (FIRS) facilitates application of remote sensing information to resource management applications (P8203).
Radar image strip near Fort McMurray, Alberta - south look, 1:250,000 (P8010). Invited address at the First International Conference on Surveying and Mapping in Tehran, Iran (R9023).


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