We utilize a complete spectrum of software products for the analysis of technological risks and the engineering of large facilities. These products are applicable to a wide range of industry sectors including the petroleum, chemical, transportation, manufacturing and utilities sectors. Where appropriate, the Bercha Group designs custom simulation and modeling software and is familiar with available public domain modeling software.


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BRISC - Bercha Risk Integration Software Capability - Bercha proprietary software.

An integrated risk assessment package capable of generating results for and integrating the important steps of the risk analysis process.

PEERS - Probabilistic Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue Simulation - Bercha proprietary software.

A state-of-art EER modeling package capable of simulating the EER process for a variety of fixed and mobile installations for a range of ocean conditions from Arctic ice and icebergs, through calm open water, to tropical storm conditions, and a range of ice conditions from open pack to solid ice sheet.

PSPCM - Probabilistic Ship/Platform Collision Model - Bercha proprietary software

A simulation model suitable for evaluating the probability of collision of different types of ship traffic in a shipping lane with a fixed platform on FPSO.

PSPCMR is a variation, which models collision with randomly or non-linearly moving vessels such as fishing vessels.

Bercha Group Custom Software

The Bercha Group offers custom software developed in-house for the following:

     ~ Risk assessment

     ~ Monte Carlo simulation

     ~ Special structures

For more information on custom software packages, e-mail:



Other software relevant to our work:


EUB Models - Alberta Energy Utilities Board state-of-art models for calculating emergency planning zones for sour wells and sour pipelines.


PHA-Pro - An advanced Windows-based Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software


SPAST - Linear Analysis of Space Structures - Structural engineering software.  A linear finite element package for the analysis of SPAce STructures, utilizing plane two-dimensional finite elements.


TopRank - What-If Analysis - A What-If Analysis add-in (for MS Excel); can be applied at various levels in the QRA process.


TREE-MASTER - A versatile yet powerful fault tree handling program licensed world-wide by Dr. A. Wilde.




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