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Dr. Bercha's Book: Risk Analysis Methods and Applications

This book encapsulates Dr. Bercha’s unique expertise gained throughout his professional career which spans over 40 years. This book will benefit those working in the field of risk analysis, and is of value to decision makers, land use planners, operators, and others. Part 1 lays out a clear methodology and approach to solving complex risk analysis problems. Part 2 presents practical application of this methodology in a variety of settings. Follow the links below for to view the book cover and to down load ordering information.

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The Bercha Group is a service and consulting engineering organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specializing in risk analysis, engineering, and geomatics. The Bercha Group has successfully completed hundreds of projects for industrial and government clients in Canada and worldwide since 1975.

In 1975, the Bercha Group founder and current President, Dr. Frank G. Bercha, P.Eng., already had over 10 years specialized experience in pipeline and structural engineering research including Arctic offshore and petroleum engineering. Since then, the Bercha Group has applied specialized expertise to risk analysis, engineering, and geomatics. Visit our "History" page for some of the milestones in our corporate history.

The Bercha Group's clients range from industrial to government, both in Canada and world wide. We have provided consulting services to many of our clients since the Bercha Group's early years; we are pleased to continue to work with these and many new clients into the 21st Century. Follow the "Clients" link for a partial list of our clients.

The Bercha Group is proud to have served, and to continue to serve, a wide variety of private and public sectors. Major sectors representative of the Group's experience are listed on our "Sectors" page.

Personnel and Associates

The Bercha Group has a core team of pipeline, risk and reliability, and computer engineers, and established cooperation with world class experts in oil and gas specialties, offshore safety, human factors and ergonomics, and transportation engineering. In addition, the group has strategic relationships with regional and international representatives. For details visit our "Team" page.

The key companies of the Bercha Group include Bercha Engineering Limited (responsible for services in Canada), Bercha International Inc (deals with all international work), and Bercha (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (responsible for services in Malaysia).

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