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Dr Bercha's painting of an offshore EER emergency.

The Seascape System was studied. A Seascape TEMPSC is shown here.

Subjects descend the Skyscape (timed trials, November 2000).

Dr Bercha toured the freefall test rig at USH in Rosendal, Norway (2000). USH lifeboat trials were carried out Dr Bercha in USH freefall lifeboat seat
ARKTOS amphibious evacuation safety craft Trainees inside helicopter ditching simulator (October 2002) Dr Bercha ready to board the Survival Systems helicopter simulator
All aboard and ready for submersion into the training tank The cabin lists and fills with water The trainees escape
Two thumbs up! EER presentation at OTC in Houston, Texas (May 2000)  
Survival Systems' training facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Site of EER timed trials, November 2000. Donning survival suits Internal walkway trials
External stair trials Skyscape trials Exiting the Skyscape
Trials to assess the effects of winter weather (February 2001), also at Survival Systems. External walkways (Feb 2001) The performance of subjects during TEMPSC embarkation was evaluated(February 2001).
EER Task Force members: Frank Bercha, Chris Brooks, and Fred Leafloor EER Stakeholder Information Workshop (March 2003) EER Task Force members took part in an offshore survival course at Survival Systems (October 2002).
PROD boom Seascape System at Portugal Cove, Newfoundland (2004) Global Santa Fe's Galaxy II jackup rig, site of EER trials (January 2004).
Evacuation order given, subjects don survival suits aboard Galaxy II. Subjects were timed on stairs and walkways. To the TEMPSC.
Boarding the TEMPSC All aboard! Safely lowered to sea level, and ready to clear the installation.

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