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EUBMODELS: The Proposed Requirements for Calculating an Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) for Sour Wells, Sour Pipelines, and Sour Production Facilities was developed by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board to define the minimum standards that must be applied to calculate an EPZ. The EUB has developed the EUBMODELS for Calculating Emergency Planning Zones for Sour Wells and Sour Pipelines which are compliant with the requirements. EUBMODELS are a spreadsheet based application used to calculate the planning zones, and include EUBFLASH and EUBSLAB programs.

More information: EUBMODELS - Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Website

PHA-Pro: This advanced Windows-based Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) sofware (was produced by Dyadem International Ltd., now part of IHS) supports HAZOP, Knowledge-based HAZOP, What-If/Checklist, Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA), and FMEA methodologies. Expert guidance is provided using knowledge-based libraries and through wizards. Both Cause-by-Cause (CBC) and Deviation-by-Deviation (DBD) HAZOP methodologies are supported.

SPAST - Linear Analysis of Space Structures - Structural engineering software. A linear finite element package for the analysis of SPAce STructures, utilizing plane two-dimensional finite elements.

Top Rank: What-If Analysis is applied at various levels in the QRA process. Early quantification of alternate outcomes beginning with scenario development, and continuing into consequence analysis and mitigation measure development is facilitated by use of TopRank software package linked to Bercha-developed purpose-specific Excel interfaces and graphic capability. TopRank is a What-If Analysis add-in for either Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows. It works within a spreadsheet to determine which values affect the results the most, it records the amount of change, and it can then rank the inputs in order of importance. Results can be displayed and analyzed using high-res graphs. More info on TopRank.

TREE-MASTER: This versatile yet powerful fault tree handling program is licensed world-wide by Dr. Antonin Wilde. A simple graphical interface facilitates efficient development and analysis of fault trees which may be composed of over 3,900 events. Simple or complex logic operators range from standard AND and OR gates to NOT, SUMMATION, PRIORITY, and INHIBIT gates. Quantification of probabilities or unavailabilities involves direct calculation of independent branches and highly efficient Monte Carlo simulation of dependent branches.

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