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Bercha Risk Integration Software Capability (BRISC)


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The Bercha Risk Integration Software Capability (BRISC) is an integrated risk assessment package capable of generating results for and integrating the following steps of the risk analysis process:

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  • Scenario characteristics

  • Hazard parameterization

  •  Frequency assessment

  • Consequence frequency evolution

  • Consequence analysis

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk acceptability measures

  • Risk mitigation impacts

  • Residual risk

The system consists of a set of linked algorithms in spreadsheet, Visual Basic, and basic source code capable of generating and integrating risk assessment for linear sources such as pipelines, point sources such as facilities, and combinations of linear and point sources. A typical screen showing an event tree is given in Figure 1. Figure 2 illustrates the information flow in the BRISC software. The dotted lines show the boundaries of the software, requiring external data or separate model inputs. The primary outside model required is the consequence model. Bercha has access to three key proprietary models, namely, the Dupont model named TRACE; the EPA Automated Resource for Chemical Hazard Incident Evaluation (ARCHIE); and numerous air quality models generated by EPA. Typical outputs of the model include risk transects, illustrated in Figure 3, individual risk contours such as those shown in Figure 4, and measures of societal risk such as the Fn curve or risk spectrum shown in component and integrated form in Figure 5. To view figures, click on thumbnails (below).


Figure 1

Typical BRISC Event Tree Screen

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