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1975 -

Founded by Dr. F.G. Bercha, P.Eng. Specialized in Arctic offshore and petroleum engineering.

1978 -

Diversified into risk analysis and remote sensing.

1980 -

Acquired its own airborne multisensor system including side looking airborne radar (SLAR) in a Gulfstream G-1 aircraft.

1982 -

Active in South East Asia and South America with branch offices since 1988.

1984 -

Involved in engineering of most North American Arctic offshore developments and major pipeline projects.

1985 -

Expanded risk assessment to loss prevention and reliability engineering.

1989 -

Formed Bercha Malaysia Joint Venture with Antah Holdings.

1990 -

Developed industry and international partnerships in risk assessment.

1991 -

Major international training programs in risk and pipeline engineering.

1997 -

Established unique complementary capabilities in risk, hydrocarbon, and Arctic engineering.

2000 -

Bercha Group 25th Anniversary
On its 25th Anniversary, the Bercha Group had successfully completed over 500 projects for oil companies, government agencies, and private clients in
risk analysis, pipeline, offshore, and Arctic engineering, and geomatics.

2020 -

Celebrating 45 years of consulting excellence!

We continue to provide world-class services in our areas of specialization. 

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